Our Main Message

REC Transport, Inc. and Wood Chips & More, Inc. were established on the principle that growth and success would happen through honesty, dependability, and on non-stop commitment to customer satisfaction. Today, after over 20 years of steady growth, our customer pledge remains the same: to provide each of our clients’ superior service that’s guided by the highest ethical standards. Historically, REC Transport, Inc. /Wood Chips & More Inc. have been an Open Top Trucking company servicing regional customers hauling bulk loads. We are always willing to adapt our equipment to our customers need.



Regional Trucking that haul various products to customers.  We have open top trailers with automatic tarp systems, log trailers and a  low boy for hauling equipment.  We are willing to adapt to your hauling needs.

We are a licensed Roll Rite Dealer

Roll·Rite brand automated tarp systems quickly and reliably contain and protect payloads, create a safer work environment for drivers, and maximize ROI by increasing revenues and reducing cost of ownership.  We make it easy to tarp your trucks, trailers or roll offs and even easier to power existing manual roll tarps and hand crank tasks.